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The Eureka Industries was established in 1982 initially it was innovation and now classic. Firstly I, Sohail Khalid CEO of Team Eureka, would like to thank our customers and professional team in completing decades of complete success and prosperity. Eureka Industries has emerged as a major player in licensing industry in the past. Since the beginning we have remained faithful in our continuous commitment to provide the best product to the customers.          

Our products lines include Leather Apparel, Team wear and Motorbike Garments and Gloves. Our quality merchandise target men, women & teens available in almost every size.

The company’s full operations are managed in the Pakistan. Moreover, Eureka Industries maintains a wholly owned Design & Sourcing Center of Excellence in the premises.

We conduct inspection and support communication and are committed to ensure the optimal flow of creativity and outstanding design.

At the Eureka Industries, we are committed to acting in a socially responsible way with the same passion and commitment we put into our thriving business. This applies to all parts of our business. The Eureka Industries workplace Standards detail clear rules of conduct for our business partners regarding environmentally sound, safe and healthy working conditions. The standards help us to practice consistent with our values.